Nisha has been fundamental to the success of Trillion Fund to date. Her ability to boil down complex and often technical information into engaging 90 second animations has helped us engage with many more people and get press attention. She is flexible, fast and has a real feel for our business already. We love you Niche xx

Julia Groves

Managing Director, Trillion Fund

Nisha is an un-expendable member of our team who always creates beautiful and surprising work quickly and accurately. Tackling projects big and small, Nisha continues to innovate whilst always remaining composed under increased pressures. Her knowledge is unrivalled and enthusiasm unparalleled, a real asset to any creative team.

Neil Coxhill

Motion Graphics and Promo Director, Bloomberg Television

Nisha came on-board to help us create a series of live action and motion graphics films. She is a creative collaborator open to ideas and works well with other members of the team, she is equally at ease working independently. She has a great depth of knowledge and will seek out the right solution for your project.

Tracey Aston

Lead Motion Designer, FMG

Nisha proved herself up for the challenge, able to think on her feet, tackling visual shots in the most efficient way, compositing quickly and even knocking together matte paintings in short order when required. She showed her extensive skill in using After Effects, Mocha and Photoshop. She is an extremely conscientious and hard working compositor, sometimes working late nights in her own time, just because she wanted to try to put a bit more polish on a shot that the schedule for that show didn’t sadly allow. I was lucky to have Nisha as the other compositor on that show as it was a very demanding gig that a lot of artists would have choked on.

I can highly recommend Nisha, not only for her hard work, love of her art, and attention to detail, but also because she is such a sunny personality to have on a team.

Andrew Shanks

Freelance Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Compositor